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Helping my bipolar ex

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Helping my bipolar ex

Postby Pjn80 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:39 pm

My ex boyfriend of just over two years recently broke things off very unexpectedly. We had never had problems between the two of us only issues when he was having trouble coping. Early last year we lost a pregnancy which was followed by a period of depression for him, he seemed to be coming out of it after several months but then at tge beginning of December I ended up back i the ER for another reason and he said it triggered his depression all over again and that he is afraid he can't handle being in a relationship anymore. He says he loves me more then I'll ever know but that while trying to maintain our great relationship he's worried he's trying to destroy it. I know he has been casually seeing another girl in the past two weeks. He tried to hide it from me and I'm not really concerned with it because I know he needs a distraction, and that this has nothing to do with me. He may have even hid it to get a reaction out of me.We have been in daily contact since we broke up. Never talking about us, just texting eachother the random things we always have. He wants to keep this contact but says he's not ready to see me in person yet. Should I keep texting? Will it hurt or help his progress? I really want to do whats best for him.
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Re: Helping my bipolar ex

Postby realityhere » Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:00 am

You may have to give him space to recoup. An occasional text once in a while to tell him you care about him and hope he's doing better is enough, but don't overdo it with the daily texting. That may seem overwhelming to him, while dealing with his own emotions.

It seems evident that he's trying to avoid discussing personal stuff, as it seems to trigger depressive feelings that he associates with the first emergency you had. Give it time, it takes a while for some ppl to heal.
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