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Advice for what to expect when divorcing a Narcissist?

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Advice for what to expect when divorcing a Narcissist?

Postby GameofTitan » Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:52 am

My dad is a narcissist (legit no empathy, grandiose reality, etc.) and my mom is planning to divorce him.
he has seen a lawyer, but not given too many details.
He is also having an affair, but my mom has not confronted him about it and I have told her not to do so and to see if hopefully she can divorce my dad as amicably as possible.
However, I just read a few articles saying that a narcissist will not settle and likely drag out a divorce.
All my mom wants to ask for is to keep the house (she was a house wife all her life).
But, even if she were able to keep the house, is it safe?
Should she just sell and move away?
One of my siblings is so worried, he says my mom should not divorce him and that we should just all move away to a new location without even telling him (like just disappear).
I thought that was extreme, but now, I'm worried too.
I'm hoping that maybe since he has this new woman in his life (whom is also married),
that maybe he'll want to divorce more amicably so he can move on with this new woman?
Am I hoping for too much?
Should we be prepared for this to get ugly?
-Thank you
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