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Need Motivators, Please!! (RAD and PTSD)

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Need Motivators, Please!! (RAD and PTSD)

Postby SimplyKrystie » Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:00 pm

My daughter has RAD and PTSD. Generally pretty mild. She does very well in school (A's and B's on all her work) unfortunately it's only when she actually TURNS IN her work. She is currently in 6th grade with C's and D's on final grades due to incomplete assignments.

She unfortunately does not seem to have any motivators. She doesn't seem to actually care about anything. Positive reinforcement is a brief elevation, but holds no real weight in influencing her actiions. Rewards don't seem to work, she doesn't care if she actually gets them or not. Taking things away (Cell phone, TV, playing outside) She just says she can get trhough anything and she knows she'll get it back eventually. Even grounding. She's been grounded to the house with no electronics for a month now, and still getting F's for incompletes.

In a recent email from her teacher:

Her literature circle was not complete, and the work that was completed was not done well.
Her group gave me issues all quarter. They were never on task, and when I would sit down with them for small group, they had nothing done. I had the same conversation with them every week, and they did not want to focus and do any work. I told them that their grades would suffer because of that, and it did not seem to motivate them. Her entire group did poorly.

They are working on a project right now, and it is one of two of the last grades of the semester. They are just as unfocused now as they were all quarter, so I am not sure how those grades are going to turn out. Just a heads up on that. It is a 75 point test grade.

I tend to think she is just blowing them off. Whenever I try to talk with her about it, she gives me attitude and just seems as if she does not care. I am not sure what is going on there. I try to constantly give her praise when she does something right, but that does not seem to influence her either. Perhaps she is just tired and worn out, just like the rest of us, and this Christmas Break will do her good, and she will come back next semester ready to work.

Does anyone have any suggestions on something out of the norm to light a fire under her??
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