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Abuse predictors in FD

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Abuse predictors in FD

Postby Selfless74 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 9:39 am


As I have been going over my own "timeline" and looking at the abuse that was going on in the development of the FD, it began to be in order to stay home because at school, there was 30+ (in number) of bullies. At home, I knew what to expect and how to avoid it-and there was just one there.

The development of FD seems to have a consistent problem of to not go to school (advanced studies of holding the thermometer to the light) of bullying in school.

Abuse at home is the other seemingly common thread. Is it in the cases of those who care to respond to this post-physical abuse, emotional abuse, or is it both?

In my own case, as I have seen here, that there was predominantly emotional abuse-the case for me, as I was bigger than my mother.

She was nice (for a while) when I was sick. Felt like the kind of nurturing that you want at any time-yet, this was the only time I could get it.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

Diagnosis: Factitious Disorder, recovered (1 year on 1/17/2018)

Medication: Lamotrigine (100mg twice daily)-indication, nerve pain, helps mood too.
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