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Any body out here in October 2016

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Any body out here in October 2016

Postby maccrocross » Wed Oct 12, 2016 2:05 pm

In November 2015, I finally came clean with my family and my psych doctors and counselors. I had hospital jumped so much for 12 years that there was no where left around here to go. I did not fake or exaggerate or whatever they call it, a bunch of different illnesses. Only one. It was illness that started out real but when it started to go away I got scared so I learned to manipulate my body to create the symptoms anyway. My breaking point was having my dad drive me from Michigan to the Cleveland clinic where they still could not explain my symptoms.

I have not found one single doctor who know anything more about the disease other than what they've read in the DSM-V. I Can't find a specialist anywhere. I have such a terrible compulsion that I had my appendix out for no reason. I am now looking into new ways to get into the hospital. But I don't want to think like that. I want change! I guess from what I've read not a lot people want that.
On Friday, two days from now, I have to go into my psychiatrists office, and since he is gone I have been given the job of teaching his assistant all about Factitious Disorder, and Munchausen. While I know how it has affected me and my family, I don't know how it affects the rest of the world. So, if the moderators allow this post through in time, I was wondering if anyone could share their stories with me, and with permission maybe I could make some notes on how it has affect others. I would like to add a picture of what my factitious disorder looked like on me (always my face) but I can't figure it out
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