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Sister-in-law is pathlogical liar and has factitious illness

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Sister-in-law is pathlogical liar and has factitious illness

Postby Splendor » Sun May 01, 2016 7:01 pm

Since the beginning of the year my sister-in-law has claimed 5 herniated disc, which I knew was faked because she immediately said she wanted surgery and now I hear she claims to have had a tumor removed from her spine. She's also claimed her brother had transient global amnesia ,her daughter had concussion syndrome and was blind on and off in one eye ,she's had sinus infection ,pneumonia and bronchitis all of these are fake I do believe she has some allergies and I do think her back started with a pulled muscle.theres more, but this is making me ill. Shes on facebook all the time trying to garner attention. She exaggerates, or completely fabricates stories. She has fear of abandonment issues- because sooner or later people figure out somethings wrong with her. I feel bad for her, but really? Is there anyway to help her? She's been doing this since I met her when she was a young adult,and I'm sure before that.
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Re: Sister-in-law is pathlogical liar and has factitious illness

Postby Three Little Birds » Thu May 26, 2016 1:24 am

It's discouraging to see that no one has replied to this. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I have a sister in law who is feigning illness, garnishing attention and creating havoc with the entire family. She is enotionally and financially draining. She has a history of mental illness and while she refuses psychological treatment, she is actively hopping hospitals and specialists to find solutions to a mystery physical illness. She actually seems to get pleasure from the attention she is receiving. Currently she is posting on facebook that she has both Hashimoto's and Grave's Desease. I didn't know that someone could have both hypo and hyper thyroid desease at the same time. She's a medical marvel. I feel bad for her and I wish that she would accept psychological treatment, but she has to accept what her problem really is first.

Her elderly mother is currently supporting her and 6 of her children. She and the children all moved into the mothers 2 bedroom apartment. The reason that this is such a problem is that her mother, my mother in law, is not healthy and lives on social security. Since my sister in law moved in feigning several different illnesses my mother in law has had to take a job working as a short order cook to suport herself and 7 other people!! My husband is so upset and worried by the situation that it's beginning to affect every aspect of his life in a negative way. We don't have the money to help his mom support his sister.

Meanwhile, my sister in law has been starving herself in an attempt to appear even sicker. This all started when my mother in law was planning to move to another state to live with my husband's other sister and finally retire in peace. Now my mother in law says she cannot move because her daughter is sick, that her anf her six kids need to be supported. The apartment they live in is in filth! Roaches are everywhere now because my sister in law has always had them. She doesn't clean. Her children say abusive and mean things to my mother in law. I'm at wits end. It's difficult watch and not have the ability to help.

I'm so sorry for you and as you can see, I understand exactly what you are going through. And the hardest part is that being an "in law" leaves both of us rather powerless. I had to block my sister in laws comments from my Facebook because I couldn't bare to see them anymore. I've begged my husband to confront her but he is worried it might cause her to get worse. He might be right. But something has to end this madness. I have reason to believe that she's physically harming herself by purging now to continue losing weight.

Anyway, the doctors can find absolutely nothing wrong with her othere than possibe perimenopause. Many of them have hinted that she has anxiety and have tried to prescribe medication to help her with that, but she says she's too afraid to take Zoloft. In the last 6 months she has claimed to have several medical issues that have been replaced by others when the attention dries up. She started with anxiety disorder (probably true), then diabetes, then heart problems, then autoimmune desease, then hashimoto's, then graves desease. Right now she's claiming to not be able to eat gluten and says she must stay away from most foods or she will have an attack of un controllable shaking and heart palpetations. It's frustrating, infuriating, and we are all pulling our hair out over it.

So, I feel your pain and I'm really sorry if this whole thing reads very disjointed. I think we came here for the same reason. Advice about how to find help for someone with a possible factitious disorder is obviosly hard to find.
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