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Looking for a new pump

An open discussion on Erectile Dysfunction.

Looking for a new pump

Postby Lazyr » Sun May 01, 2022 11:29 pm

I am a prostate cancer survivor and the penis pump I have been using is worn out after 6 years. Replacement parts are apparently not available, customer service wants to sell you a new one. I did and it is junk doesn't work near as well as the old one. I'm looking for a recommendation there seems to be a million of them from $30 to $500 and no one wants to provide specs for comparisons, some are rated KPA and some Mbar, but most don't tell. The wife and I would appreciate any help.
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Re: Looking for a new pump

Postby Snaga » Mon May 02, 2022 1:52 am

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Well, I've never used a penis pump- at least something designed for that purpose, I can't say I haven't messed around with applying vacuum to myself though.... I'm a cheapskate; and as a cheapskate I feel compelled to ask if you've considered a trip to Harbor Freight and Lowe's/Home Depot? Harbor freight has brake bleeder kits- I can't vouch for their cheap vacuum pump, but I have a Mightyvac (which they also sell) and it's pretty stout. I've never used it on my member but it's stout. I think I'd be inclined to find a way to mate something like that, to the business end of the appliance. Should be able to find a Mightyvac at any auto parts chain. And hey- you're just bleeding your brakes, not as if anyone will know what it's really for. But it seems to me I've seen adverts for penis pumps and I seem to recall thinking, 'Dang that's just a brake bleeder pump'... I keep an aquarium and have a large gravel cleaner siphon tube, and I know already all I need is an adapter from one size tubing to another and I got me a penis pump with a little handiwork. Doesn't seem to be terribly complex.

That's what I'd do. Not saying it's the smartest thing to do, but that's what I'd do. In no way should I be construed as giving medical advice but seems to me a hand vacuum pump is a hand vacuum pump is a hand vacuum pump- a MightyVac costs fifty bucks. The Harbor Freight cheap version's half that. If it don't work that's all you're out.
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