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Nice guy finishing last

An open discussion on Erectile Dysfunction.

Nice guy finishing last

Postby Helphelphelp24 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:37 am

I have been dealing with ED in one way shape or form for 15 years and no one can tell me why. It started at around age 29. Cialis is the only think that work for a very short period of time. I only get partial erections. The shaft gets erect but the head stays soft consistently. my wife is beyond frustrated and I can't blame her . She has even almost strayed. I have tried everything with multiple urologists.. ED pills, two prostate biopsies (clean), electrical stimulation, low T pills, direct injection medication, vacuum pumps. Nothing is resolving the issues. It's destroying my self esteem, destroying my marriage. I have no sensation in the head of my penis. It's utterly devastating. My wife doesn't want to be near me. She demands satisfaction or some sort of endurance and meaningful erection and I have tried everything. These doctors have poked and prodded me to no end with no answers. Because of this problem I have a shell of a marriage. An angry, resentful, frustrated wife who offers no assistance or support and the only way to test these various treatments is to attempt sex but it leads to failure, disappointment, and truckload of anxiety and more anger andvenom from her. I am trying everything in my power to fix this and feel as though I am running out of hope . Is there anything I can try that I haven't. Should I be looking elsewhere in my body? There has to be a reason for only a partial erection because the head of the penis stays soft.. I'm desperate!!!
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Re: Nice guy finishing last

Postby Flavio » Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:48 pm

Your post is not very clear and we need more info, what did the urologists say about your condition? What is the underlying cause of this? Have you done any tests (Doppler, MRI) and what did they show?

And if you don't mind me saying, I believe your wife needs to be more patient and helpful. Most women are totally clueless when it comes to ED.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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