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Can't get an erection with wife

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Can't get an erection with wife

Postby Dutch » Sun Apr 19, 2020 10:09 am

My wife and I have been married for 35 years and we do everything together. We never fight and enjoy each other's company immensly. We're more like a brother/sister relationship than a husband/wife.

We rarely have sexual intercourse due to my ED when we try to make love. I can satisfy her by a long foreplay session and performing oral on her until she orgasms.

I wake up with morning wood, and have no problem attaining an erection when I masturbate. I just can't seem to get it up to have intercourse with her. Tried Cialis, didn't help. I know it's all in my head, possibly because of our closeness all the time.

We have no problem communicating and I have explained to her that I find her extremely arousing to me mentally, but I have a mental block preventing me from attaining an erection. She's quite understanding, but it's frustrating to us both.

Occasionally I will get an erection and be able to have intercourse with her, but at best, it's once every two months or longer.
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Re: Can't get an erection with wife

Postby quietgirl2538 » Sun Apr 19, 2020 1:47 pm

I have had issues with a sexual partner not being able to orgasm. I guess it's also called erectile dysfunction. When you do have sexual intercourse every few months, are you able to orgasm?

How old are you? Just curious. I'll share how old this person is too. Unlike you, this one person hasn't seen a doctor. have they offered viagra? I share about viagra because my partner has tried this. So I know it's another possible drug to try. I'm positive there are other drugs to be tried. I just don't understand it either. And coming from a woman's point of view, I feel bad for him and want him to feel good about himself. I also want the full sexual act every time we are together. It is important to me. Sure, a lot of times it's ok and I'm fine, but it does matter to me. It really does.
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Re: Can't get an erection with wife

Postby Snaga » Mon Apr 20, 2020 4:07 pm

It sounds to me like a mental thing almost. And those are so hard to beat... I think with age I am noticing a change, but for some time now I have the same problems. And everything wakes up in the morning, etc., but when it comes to the expectation to perform... well, that causes problems. When I want to stay hard, I have a problem with it. It's like this little thing gets inside your brain, to kill it.

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