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have no libido

An open discussion on Erectile Dysfunction.

have no libido

Postby Keeta » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:16 pm

Hello, everyone I am posting here because I have absolutely no desire/feeling for sex all the sudden, I can get hard and ejaculate (takes a bit of effort) I think of women look at porn videos but feel nothing, just last week I was fine in that department now suddenly I have no feeling of pleasure downstairs, I woke up this morning with a semi and I felt it!! the pleasure for a minute then it went away I'm hoping that's a sign that my body's kicking back in gear, Oh btw I don't know if this is relevant or not but I've been on Rogaine hair foam the last 4 months due to balding my thinning hairline is really getting to me and maybe that could be a contributing factor, I have stopped using Rogaine 2 days ago thinking maybe that could contribute to the problem....I am half hopeful and half freaking out....I have no partner (as I'm balding and being ugly I'm destined to just fapping to porn) I'm scred I can't even seek simple pleasures
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