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erectile dysfunction due to my sexual dysfunction

An open discussion on Erectile Dysfunction.

erectile dysfunction due to my sexual dysfunction

Postby maree12 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 5:07 am

I met the man of my dreams when I was 35 and he was 45. He had been married for 23 years, with the last 8 unhappy, and not much sex. I suspect he fell in love with me when he found that I was ready to have sex when he wanted AND that I could lubricate and orgasm quickly and easily. Apparently the rejection by his wife to his sexual advances had destroyed his self confidence and led to temporary ED, which resolved itself after one night with me.
Three years later, I suffered a stroke which has left me unable to orgasm, and lead to early menopause so I do not lubricate. Due to him saying that he did not want to be living with me if I was not interested in having sex, we have duty sex once a week, which is obviously not enjoyable for me, and now he has started to have ED problems. I know that this is because I am no longer desirable and obviously do not enjoy the sex.
He told me that he has asked the doctor for Viagra, but with it's many side effects, and he is on BP medication, I am very concerned about this. I said to him that he should have sex with a woman who he finds attractive, a woman who he likes and respects (which is obviously NOT me)to confirm that it is not JUST him with the problem. How would any of you guys feel, or think if your wife or girlfriend said this to you?
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Re: erectile dysfunction due to my sexual dysfunction

Postby josh0745 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:29 pm

Well my wife and I practice monogomy, so I would really be taken aback if my wife told me that idea. The animalistic sexual me would think “yes! Sex with a new woman!” But the love and connection to my wife would make me feel guilt so I wouldn’t be able to perform with this girl anyway. I take it your man might be in the same boat, his feelings sounds like mine. My wife as of late seems to be less and less interested in sex, especially oral sex. Night and day from when we were dating, we were like rabbits and maybe I’m just not willing to let go of that high and it’s created a ED issue for me.
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