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A very abusive boyfriend!!!

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A very abusive boyfriend!!!

Postby angelforever21 » Fri Mar 27, 2009 9:58 pm

I want to share this story with people and show them what my ex boyfriend mike plante has done. I was put done verbally and emotionally I have never been as hurt as I am now by a man in my life. I am now out of the relationship. It took name calling and him HACKING into my account to find a message i had written looking to meet friends. I am trying to heal emotionally but I think its going to take me a while i hurt bad and cry everyday mostly feeling sick to my stomach that i let a man $#%^ on me.

I was called a slut,@@@@@@@,whore,bitch, escorting which i would never do. But i didnt get out of the relationship when i should of until i found out he cheated on me and i couldnt handle the names. I was nieve and stupid and am emotionally and physically ###$ from this. I have his whole family attacking me on top of friends. I still get harrassed day to day but now put my foot down. I have blocked numbers and these are emails which I cant block. I now just dont read the emails and delete them.

I was tired of getting all these emails so I said I would report this stuff and here is the response i get.

High end escorts look good. U are not high end. I've seen high end escorts and they are hot, big boobs, prettier faces than yours. You are low end or less. I am not an escort by the way but was accused of it and have nothing against people who do that.

I felt like a necrophilia ######6 you because all you would do is lie there and stare at the ceiling. Maybe it's a good thing you became an escort because maybe you won't bore the next boyfriend, you can actually get some experience. Why are you giving out my sister's email, she should call the police, leave her out of this.

Any way, all you do is stare at the ceiling with your ######6 crooked ass, bulbus Owen Wilson nose, paper thin lips squealing like a stuck pig. You are a pro-active before picture nightmare, you make the before people look like they have been on proactive for a year!

Have a nice life, being a cum guzzling pig. Do all the drugs you want, all you will be is a beat up, worthless $20 hastings crack head ###$ when you are done. All the girls I ###$ around on you with were way hotter, and kim wanted to be with me, I am getting letters from them honey. As for the last girl, I'm not going to say her name because it appears that somebody dimed me out.

Love, Mike, X

I said stop emailing me or i will report you i dont want to hear it this is his sister who is involved threatening me my ex boyfriends sister.
ok, it's all done. Child services assure me they have the email, I called, they are open 24 hours. I also called and spoke with welfare and told them that "I am jealous that my friend gets to use her check for traveling to Toronto, her name is sue from vancouver" And they said they are going to look into it. It does not matter what province you go to, as soon as you try to apply for Taxes, that owing will be there, try to get welfare, you will have to pay them back. You see, I know of someone who did the same thing, you end up owing the government and the government takes it off your GST. GST is next month. Lets see what you get out of it.

You'd better bet I'd stay up late to do this $#%^, I don't take it lightly when someone threatens me about my kids, and 27 people have copies off all our messages. So, expect to be hearing from people soon about that.

By the way, don't pick on Tiffany, she didn't do anything wrong either. And as for that message about your friends that you want me to meet, I asked someone about that. I know who you are talking about and it won't fly. That number you called me from, Kriss, the friends you are talking about, Jessica. That's who you were with today. And I sent this email to them too about how you call her an air head and everything, and say that kriss does all those harsh drugs, they will hear all that from me. I am in full protective mode from your psychotic ass. Go to river view and seek some mental help.

I also told income assistance about how you were going to try and get disability without being disabled, just tell them you have severe depression so you can get some money. I've been to Ontario, I lived there for 2 years, Hayden and Ashton were born there, the Province sucks! And, the disability and income assistance offices are connected through the same system Canada Wide.

I have never been more hurt in my life and discusted with myself his friend confessed he cheated on me and that was the breaking point. It was only that one time. I feel more depressed and suicidal than ever. I went out with this man for two years.

has anybody ever been verbally abused like this how do you heal from something like this.
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Postby Chucky » Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:39 am


By looking to take this further (i.e. - by looking for revenge) you are just prolonging your own suffering. What you should do is perform a complete separation manoevure. This would entail changing your email address, phone number, and anything else that connects you to him. You have to shive every last bit of his life out of your own and then you can move on with a fresh outlook on life.

At the moment, he is 'feeding' off you when you reply to his abuse/taunts. So, why not just starve him, and then move on.

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Re: A very abusive boyfriend!!!

Postby kyle123 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:36 pm

read my post in the relationship section titile "to women and men" it might help...take care

you promise me heaven then put me thru hell~bon jovi
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