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my dads been financially abused

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my dads been financially abused

Postby janet2106 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:51 am

Hi everyone. I'm hoping to get some help from someone as I don't know what she to do. Since my mom and dad divorced 8 years ago a women and her 2 children have latched to my dad. They knew he was wealthy and ever since they've managed to get hundreds of thousands of $ from him.I moved to England with work but tried to get to the US as much as I could. This women has made my life hell. She's managed to manipulate my dad by telling him I don't care and Over the years they have done everything possible to separate me and my family from him.
We decided to move back to Florida to look after him and try and get back my father. We bought a house 5 minutes away so we are close but he wants nothing to do with me or his 3 grandchildren and all he ever talks about is his (other grandchildren). She had him do a catholic ceremony to make him their grandfather as soon as she knew we were moving back. Since then its got much worse. We know he's signed all his bank accounts over to her and even had the bank call us to tell us they suspected something. We've called the police called elder abuse and seen an attorney and it seems were crazy and no one believes us. We are now receiving cell messages for this women telling us the property she wants to view is ready. She is obviously goading us and letting us know she's in full control. They've turned my father against us and there's nothing I can say as he sides with them every time. He's completley blind to what their doing to BIM and its breaking my heart.
Please any advice or people going through similar experiences would be good
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Re: my dads been financially abused

Postby Ada » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:15 pm

I'm sorry you're going through this, Janet. Could you talk to his doctor? They wouldn't be able to tell you anything, for confidentiality reasons. But it might send up some red flags for them, if he's showing any signs of mental decline. Otherwise, I'm not sure that there's much that can be done. If this is his choice, it's very unfair. And he'll eventually regret it, but there's all this harm done in the meantime.

This isn't a very busy part of the forum. But I hope some other people stop by with their own stories or other ideas for approaches to try [or avoid.]
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