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Private School for Dyslexia Not What We'd Hoped

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Private School for Dyslexia Not What We'd Hoped

Postby henleyms » Mon May 04, 2020 12:20 am

I realize that many zip codes do not have a specialized school dedicated to dyslexia, and I can understand the unfairness of that. But in our case, we have one! And of course we were thrilled when a private school opened up a couple years ago that specialized in teaching dyslexics. Unfortunately, we do not believe the school is well run. And we believe the academic side of it is not well managed either. We love the "method" they are using, and we believe in the therapy model, but the school is, well, sort of lazy in what they set out to accomplish each week, and there is zero communication between teacher and parents, and it almost feels like they've taken an hour or so of tutoring and stretched it out to make a school day out of it. The school teaches no other subjects other than literature with a small bit of math so that kids who return to regular school don't fall too far behind in math. We try and supplement some science, art and music on our own as parents.

Is anybody else unhappy with their local school dedicated to dysxlexics? Have you left and taking a different approach? Or are you sticking it out and trying to work within the system? I understand many private schools do not have the funds to hire a proper administrator to run the business and semantics side of the school, but both my husband and I live with the constant suspicion that the school has severe weaknesses, but because it's focus is on dyslexics, we feel like we can't abandon ship as we know how lucky we are to have a school dedicated to dyslexia. Has anybody else gone back to a regular school and been happier? Did you keep us with OG-based after school tutoring? We only have one other close friend in the school that I've confided with and her children came over in junior high and she paralyzes me with fear that dyslexics can't cut it once he gets to Middle School and so we'd be crazy to give up our spot. I"m afraid to stay, and afraid to leave! Argh.
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