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On Demand Speaking

Postby SneakyTech » Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:54 am

I've had a successful career so far. I'm a systems engineer for a well-known software company. The team I'm a part of designs and manages critical infrastructure. As an individual, I've been very successful. I excel at robust system design and troubleshooting, which is how I got to where I am.

However, my career has hit a major roadblock. While I am good at designing and building technical systems, I'm awful at vocalizing ideas. I'm particularly bad at on-demand speaking. I have a hard time expressing my thoughts when I haven't had time to plan what I'm going to say. The underlying problem seems to be the way I think. I think conceptually with very little mental vocalization. When I read technical documents, my mind skips the words I don't know and fills in the gap with a conceptual understanding. When I try to vocalize my ideas, the words just don't come, and I end up looking like I don't know what I'm talking about.

Poor communication skills are preventing me from advancing in my career. So, I'm looking for ideas. I need to be able to explain what I'm thinking.
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