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I think my boyfriend might be dyslexic, dk how to help

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I think my boyfriend might be dyslexic, dk how to help

Postby GabbyS » Tue Oct 27, 2015 11:48 am

I've been with my boyfriend since college (we are in our late 20's now). When we were in college he was an underachiever in school and preferred to party. Initially i viewed this behavior as immaturity but I soon saw some red flags that changed my mind.

He loves storytelling and watching movies, he studied film in college. He loves the movie princess bride, but when someone bought him the novel princess bride for his birthday one year I watched him struggle to read it. He would force himself to read 1-3 pages a night. It was like a major accomplishment for him to read at a pace of only a few pages a day, despite the fact that he loved stories and the story being told in this book was once of his favorites. I could tell there was some missing piece of the puzzle that was preventing him from being able to read efficiently.

He was a very bad writer when I first met him but has learned to write sufficiently to get by in a professional environment. I remember when we were in college it was striking how poor his writing was, I could write just as well as he when I was in grade school.

I brought up the idea that he might have some kind of disability like dyslexia and it made him very sensitive but he was open to the idea and said he wouldn't be surprised if he did. I was prompted to revisit this idea because he has wanted to go to graduate school for about a year now and can't muster the courage to go back to school. He says that his intelligence doesn't translate to the classroom and that's why he does poorly, but I simply don't believe that. He's extremely bright and theres absolutely no reason he should struggle so much with reading. writing, and comprehension.

What can I do to help him? I think it would be so nice if he could learn to deal with whatever disability he might have and overcome it by revisiting school as an adult. I want him to be able to achieve everything he wants to achieve and can achieve. I know he's extremely intelligent, I just wish we could take this hurdle away from him.

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