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Adult with mild dyslexia...need help?

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Adult with mild dyslexia...need help?

Postby SZ88 » Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:35 am

Hi there.

I'll try and keep this short: basically, growing up I was always a little slower than the others in class. I remember specifically having problems with putting things in the correct order, and then I recall getting very anxious and not being able to follow steps very easily. When I look back, I remember feeling very confused and anxious in school as a kid. I was a bit slow with reading, and my mother, who is a speech pathologist (and also mildly dyslexic) helped me and my brother with tricks on how to read and write better (brother also dyslexic). In high school, I basically just disconnected because I found it all too hard, and teachers just don't seem to know what to do when you struggle. I seldom did assignments, and hated most classes. But when I was around 16, I started to really like poetry, because I loved how it looked on the page. It was easier for me to read, and enjoyable. I could read, and often very much so enjoyed reading, but I was just very slow and found it very, very hard to comprehend everything, often re-reading the same page over and over.

Fast track to now, I am 27 years old, and am a full time student trying to become a creative arts teacher. I'm actually studying creative writing. When I started uni two years ago, as a mature age student, it become instantly apparent to me that I was still struggling with the same issues I had as a child and teen. All the uni readings caused me to have a mental breakdown, as I just freak out with large blocks of text. I'm OK when I break them down and work slowly, but I find them very intimidating and draining, like I've run a marathon after reading them, and I generally avoid them when I can. I went to the uni disability centre, as I was about to drop out, and they referred me to get an assessment done by the student psychology department. I waited 6 months, and got the the assessment done. I knew I didn't have severe dyslexia, as I knew someone who did, but I knew I wasn't experiencing what the other students were and that I was struggling. I realise it's sadly 'normal' to feel stressed from uni, but this stress was something else, and directly related to all the information I was being told I needed to comprehend and read and then write.

Now, here's what I find hard and don't know what to do. I got the assessment done, by a nice 4th year student, and the results came back that I just missed out on qualifying as being dyslexic, clinically speaking. What frustrated me the most, was that they said at the start that the test they were using was somewhat outdated, and somewhat rigid, but that it's just what they used. He admitted that the test wasn't sensitive enough for mild dyslexics, so basically they'll just be told they don't have dyslexia. I felt really upset by it all, as it made me feel really lost and helpless. I have no doubt that I am experiencing mild dyslexia, and that it's impacting my studies significantly. The test said that I had severe dyscalclia and that I was slower in a number of areas than the average, but that I was also above average in other areas, largely because I love to write. The guy who tested me basically said he believed that I was mildly dyslexic, from everything I had shown him/from the results, but said that it's harder for those with mild dyslexia to get a diagnosis. I spent $200 to just get told..."not quite".

What bothers me the most about all this, is they expect all dyslexics to fit the same mould exactly. Just because I love writing doesn't mean I'm not struggling with what I am doing, and just because I have been taught ways to spell and remember words doesn't mean that I'm not regularly finding that hard, either. There are many successful writers who are dyslexic, from mild to severe.

I'm not sure whether to express all of this to the guy who tested me. I just don't know. I feel like I can't keep up with my studies, and without a reasonable adjustment, I could drop out. It's like I'm slipping through the cracks of the system, and I can't afford to go and have another assessment somewhere else...as that just seems sort of silly, I guess.

Any advice, words of encouragement...people going through the same thing? Greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
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