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My partner has Dyslexia and i am lost

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My partner has Dyslexia and i am lost

Postby Catniss Everden » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:00 pm

Hello everyone.

My request may seems to a lot of people strange but i just dont know anymore what to do. As sayd in the Subject my Parner has Dyslexia and i start to get lost and dont know how to handle him anymore.
We ve meet one year ago oline and i knew from the beguinning on that he has dyslexia but it never seemd to be a problem. A few weeks ago he started to get agitaded about almost everything, no matter what i say and how i say it. No matter how stupid it seems.
To make a little better understandebel what is going on i need to go a little bit into details so i am apologizing all rdy in advanced and realy hope that someone can give me some imput what i can do or how i can react to make him understand that i am there for him and i do care and maybe even get him out of his black hole, where i have the feeling he is stuck in atm.

We have a relationship in distance what of curse is all rdy realy hard, and i get the feeling he dident expected it to be as hard as it is. I am going over to see him every 2 month if i can afford it and since x mas the problems started. He is now over a year jobless, he has some health problems a part from his dyslexia, family problems etc.

When we meet each other he knew that english is not my mother tongue and that there would be always some misunderstandings, what never seemd to be a problem for him. He always used to be patcient, and we could lautgh about everything.
For X mas i was going over to see him and all stared fine, till his mom stared to change her attitide, he get stressed realy easely and since him and me we are everyday in touch over the game we ve meet he is showing me how bad he feels but sadly not buy talking with me, more likely buy changing his attidue with me as well. I only want to help him and he takes it as i am pushing him to things he dont want to do. Even when i tell him i miss him he takes it as if i am pushing him.

It is all rdy going as far that i dont know what i can say or do anymore without him getting the face on. for example i told him 3 time that he needs to talk to someone, about what is going on in his mind, problems etc, cause he has everything on his shoulders and only get fed up and agitaded. He took it as if i want to push him to talk with me about his problems when he dont want to, and that he dont know me long enotgh to tell me about his probelms etc. Fair do i told him he dont need to talk to me, but all his attitude changed and this affects our relationship.

It is affecting us as mutch that i am changing my attitude, we raise our voices for stupid things, and he is blaming me instead of seeing that his attitude make me change mine.
As far i could see as well his mom seems to be jalous about me, but this is a different matter, everything all is problems seems to drive him away from me without any reason and i am sure that this is due to his dyslexia, that he is stuck and dont know how to get out of this hole. But if i tell him he needs a psycologue, etc he just have a go on me, or even worse leave me . He once told me that he often do things and only realize what he did when it is to late, what i want to avoid cause i cant belive that the Men i meet in first place is not the same anymore. I ve read a book about dylsexia and i know how hard it can be specialy the circumstances are realy realy affecting him.

seeing him suffer as mutch but not beeing able to talk to him, makes me sad, i am hurt and it is as if my world is shutterd. I dont want to loose him, cause he is the one and only, but just dont know how to handle it anymore what i can do to make him understand that he is not stupid, that his attitude has changed and i only want to help him. Pls i am just lost. Pls if anyone can give me some informations how to handle dyslexia people or what ever can help me......

I am sorry if it is not the right place to look for any help i just dont know anymore what to do. :( :( :( :( :( :(
Catniss Everden
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