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What benefits come from officially being diagnosed?

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What benefits come from officially being diagnosed?

Postby dean1120 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 1:12 am

I am fairly certain my 9 year old son is dyslexic. He never really did well with reading, and finally when he was in 2nd grade, I asked the school to have him tested. He was falling behind, and I was concerned. They did all sorts of testing and had the school district's psychologist evaluate him as well. His IQ was extremely high and math scores were really high, but reading was EXTREMELY low. They told me because of this discrepancy in his scores, that he had a learning disability in reading. I was told that couldn't officially diagnose him as dyslexic, but they could set up a plan where he would get pulled from class each day to work in a small group with the Reading Specialist.

This seemed to be working at first, but now that he's in 4th grade and the work is getting harder, I'm afraid it's not working anymore. Is he reading at level? Yes. Barely. But his writing is terrible, and he mixes up letters a lot and small basic words are often misspelled. It's been a really big struggle studying for spelling tests. He works really hard and I'm so proud of him. Usually when he gets a word wrong, all the letters are there...just in the wrong order. I read somewhere a list of symptoms of dyslexia and it describes him perfectly.

So, my question is...should I bother officially getting him tested for dyslexia? What benefit could come from it? From what I've read, he would need to see his regular pediatrician, do a bunch of tests (vision, hearing, etc) to rule out those issues and then a brain scan?!?! Is that true? If they say yes, he has dyslexia, then what? Do I keep having him meet with the school's reading specialist or at that point do we look for outside help?

This is all very new to me. Neither my husband nor I are dyslexic. My mother says she is dyslexic, she always struggled in school, but her parents never did anything to help her. My son is very smart (he's in the gifted and talented program at school!), and I don't want him to fall behind or become discouraged. We struggle with homework EVERY night because he doesn't want to do it. He says it's too hard. He's losing his self esteem and it breaks my heart. Please help!!
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