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What assistance can my illiterate friend get, he is an adult

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What assistance can my illiterate friend get, he is an adult

Postby joshruss » Sat Apr 12, 2014 4:44 pm

I have a friend who I suspect has dyslexia. I'm not a doctor or clinical psychologist but after reading about various reading disorders I think dyslexia matches best. He cannot write and has a difficult time reading, often failing to correctly read even simple sentences in text messages. This is affecting him in that he cannot get a job that requires a personality test because he cannot read the questions sufficiently. Also people do not seem to take him seriously as he is in his thirties and can barely read. This affects his ability to make friends and date.

Are there programs that can help someone with his condition get a job? I know if you are on disability there are programs but I'm not sure his condition would allow him to go on disability. Also are there inexpensive programs or even video games that could help him learn to read? I feel like he needs to be diagnosed with what specific reading disorder he has before a form of help can be identified. I don't think he has hundreds of dollars to throw down for testing but I don't know for sure. Ideas?

also, why is this forum a subforum of stuttering?
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