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Is she dyslexic?

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Is she dyslexic?

Postby Jumaduke » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:43 pm

My 7-year-old daughter has been struggling in school. Long story short, she had viral meningitis at 9 weeks of age so I have been "on watch" to see if she would have any difficulty with academics. We've run an Auditory Processing evaluation (normal), had her expressive language screened by the school's Speech/Language Pathologist (normal), had her evaluated at the local university using the Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (normal). Yet her school performance is dismal ... she should be reading about 80 wpm at this point in Second Grade, and she's at 45. She can't answer comprehension questions after she reads a story, she struggles with decoding multi-syllabic words, she gets "stuck" on r-controlled vowels (ie., "girl," "card"), and she's overall frustrated with the idea of reading anything. She is in a reading intervention class and her current average in Reading is 68%.

I took her to a clinical psychologist two weeks ago who ran, among other things, a CTOPP test and a Woodcock-Johnson. Some of the findings are amazing ... my daughter's score in Elision was the 25%ile, Rapid Letter Naming was the 37%ile, and Nonword Repetition was <1%ile (that's less than 1, not a typo). All other subtests were 63%ile or higher.

The report specifically states that my daughter has "significant deficits/delays in several areas of her phonological processing ... that could indicate a language-based learning disorder consistent with Dyslexia."

So is she dyslexic? Pinning down my pediatrician for a diagnosis is like pinning down a cloud.
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Re: Is she dyslexic?

Postby seabreezeblue » Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:16 pm

Pinning down my pediatrician for a diagnosis is like pinning down a cloud.

^ ^ exactly as it should be with the child we're discussing..

I would treat your daughter as if she's dyslexic for the time being and ask for all the aids that you can think of for her but don't assume that dyslexia is the right label for her issues.

Giving her the same assistance that a dyslexic child would get in school can do no harm..

the diagnosis right now is not important.

Your paediatrician (UK spelling.. not correcting your spelling) is doing just fine and is probably going to wait at least another year before saying yes or no..

It is possible that it's dyslexia.. it's also possible that your daughter has a tiny deficit in that area due to the meningitis..

In summary; your daughter may well catch up in the next year.. her ''issues'' do not scream out abnormal for a 7 year old.. there are always a few strugglers that manage to suddenly catch up at around grade 3.
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