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How do I deal with the Anxiety of being Dyslexic?

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How do I deal with the Anxiety of being Dyslexic?

Postby adidaskicks2001 » Sat Aug 24, 2013 1:18 am

I am a 43 years old and I just found out a few months ago that I am Dyslexic. I always new there was something differnet about me. I want to advance in my career but I am terrified of failling. I told my boss right after I found out and he promised to help, but I now he will never understand what it is like to struggle so hard everyday. Most days I don't want to go to work for fear of not being able to get the words out when I need to beable to say something. I can see the picture in my head of what I want to tell him, but the words just won;t come out. He tells me it is ok and that he understands, (how can anyone not like me truelly inderstand what it is like) but he is so busy that I feel like I am waisting his time by having ot ask him to keep explaining it to me because I just don't quite get it. Most of the time I just feel like running away, anything to releive the anxiety. I hate not being able to exprees myself with words. I work with computers and i love it, most of the time. I hate the incosistency of being Dyslexic. How do I deal with the anxiety of being this way. I was never supported as a child by my parents, family, teachers or anyone in my life. I was constantly put down and compared to my syblings who had no issues learning. I wish I could find someone who understands me the way I am, I always feel like I need to change who I am to fit in with other people. Why don't I feel comfortable in my own skin? :(
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Re: How do I deal with the Anxiety of being Dyslexic?

Postby AmyDyslexia » Wed May 21, 2014 11:09 am

The main thing I experienced was a constant feeling that I was stupid, as I struggled with the basic tasks but the complicated ones came easily to me. I felt I had to hide my condition as I had no support in school. My attention span was very short and I became very tired very quickly when studying.

I think many people with dyslexia feel the same as I did or you. Few years ago I applied to the Open University and asked for assistance with my learning difficulties. The dyslexia assessor recommended I use John Levine’s Alphamusic album Silence of Peace whilst studying. They also offered solutions such as colored glasses, computer software – read and write gold and dragon software. The glasses helped me to read better as it stopped words getting mixed up. Computer software helped with spelling. Alphamusic worked in conjunction with these to help concentration and tiredness.

So I do recommend you try these methods as they were extremely helpful for me.
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Re: How do I deal with the Anxiety of being Dyslexic?

Postby Dana00 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:35 am

I am unable to identify with you considering I do not have a low self esteem nor run away to escape my anxiety related to dyslexia. I am not ashamed nor hidden due to this impairment and would never, ever allow this condition to get in the way of any part of my life, including a job and career. Considering you spoke of running away due to your anxiety, make sure and identify if you are not wanting to break off (i.e. run away) ties with others that do not accept your condition or treat you badly because of it. This kind of 'running away' is healthy. However, the kind related to anxiety is not.

Why would you have anxiety related to this condition? I only feel some frustration, never anxiety. What are you afraid of? The brain is enormous with potential abilities that extend beyond reason and dyslexia is only a small part of the larger creation and existence of our brains.

Sorry to see you take your condition so hard. It is certainly not a gift and yes, it can add to frustration alot (from correcting and re writing), but I certainly wouldnt let it affect your life in any way in any area.....unless other people choose to do that.
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