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Is my child dyslexic?

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Is my child dyslexic?

Postby Mygirl » Mon Jul 15, 2013 9:09 pm

My daughter is 8 years old. She has had speech issues since she was around the age of 3. She at the age of 8 still struggles with pronouncing words correctly and sees a speech therapist weekly.

This year she was in 1st grade. She struggled with reading all year. She fell behind the other children very quickly. She was memorizing the stories... even the really long ones. So it took us about 4 months into the school year before we realized she was behind. We recently had her at a developmental pediatrician who diagnosed her with Phonological Processing, Dyslexia and a delay in written expression.

I was not expecting Dyslexia. The doctor was not very open to questions so I left with some doubts that it wasn't the correct diagnosis but thought that I was in denial or something. This week I emailed her 1st grade teacher to inform her of the diagnosis and ask her about what I could do over the summer for the upcoming school year. Her teacher said that she would not have expected dyslexia and that she and two other reading tutors that worked with my child for 7 months never suspected or mentioned dyslexia.

I'm frustrated and confused. I feel like I need a second opinion but it took me 5 months to get this first appointment so I am afraid that if I delay the specific tutoring the doctor recommended that it will put her further behind and it will be my fault. I am also afraid that if I start this tutoring (Orton Gillingham was recommended by doctor) that it will just confuse her.

My daughter can read at a 1st grade level. For the longest time she was sounding out every single word. She has improved. She now recognizes words and is increasing in how many she recognizes every day. She is still far behind her peers but she is improving.

Do people with dyslexia learn how to read at all using traditional methods? As I mentioned my daughter is reading at a 1st grade level. So she has learned using the traditional method. It has been harder on her than other children, but she has learned. Will she just get to a point when she learns nothing from traditional methods? Or if she is dyslexic, will she continue to progress just at a much much slower pace than the rest of her peers?
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