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Husband is dyslexic-where to start??

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Husband is dyslexic-where to start??

Postby unemsw13 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:21 am

My husband had struggled with learning disabilities all through high school, but did not learn he was dyslexic until he was in his mid 30s after meeting with a psychologist who diagnosed him. He is a hands on technical person, and is a very talented electrician with 15 years experience, and has served as foreman and engineered many complex commercial electrical projects.. His talents has led him to pursue getting his contractor's license through the state licensing board.

The only caveat is that he is struggling with comprehending, understanding, and focusing on the testing material!! He is doing practice testing at home, and becomes frustrated every night after a few minutes of practice/studying which leads to further depression/anxiety. He has no clue what the questions are asking but can do the hands on work. Unfortunately, he only has 3 more months until the testing permit expires, and he does not feel in any way ready to take the exam.

I suggested we look into getting an extension for more time to study for the test, due to his learning disability and/or see if there is anyway the state licensing bureau can accommodate him. Where would we start in this process, as he has never had any "formal" testing, as the psychologist never tested him, but based on her observations and a writing sample diagnosed him. We live in Cleveland, Ohio if that helps... it is painful to see him struggle with trying to pass a standardized test and feels his dreams are about to be flushed down the toilet. Where should/can we start??
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Re: Husband is dyslexic-where to start??

Postby FlowersJasmin » Fri Apr 05, 2013 6:55 am

Mine is just to encourage you and applaud you for being there for your husband. I do not live in the US and therefore am not in a position to give any directions.

Wish you all the best am sure you will find help.
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