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More twists than a soap opera- advice wanted!

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More twists than a soap opera- advice wanted!

Postby Finnallyfree25 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:25 pm

Hi there,
So my story is complicated, but I’m going to try to keep it as simple as possible.
I was in what I thought was only an extremely emotionally abusive relationship for nearly three years. I’ve recently uncovered memories, as well as videos taken by him, that indicate I’ve repressed some incidents of physical violence as well.
In Dec of 2016, when I had been struggling with drinking and was attempting to be sober(which has since become somewhat of a non issue for me). I have bipolar disorder and my doctor had taken me off my medication because I said I was doing well. However I become somewhat manic and was acting strangely and so he accused me of drinking although I hadn’t been. Hours of verbal berating turned into him telling me “no one loves you. Your a burden to everyone in your life. Go kill yourself. Go drink yourself to death.” So I went out and bought two bottles of wine. Came home and drank a bottle and a half fairly quickly. He called my mother, stating I was not allowing him to leave the apartment. I was blocking doorways and was getting “belligerent” (however when he called I was downstairs having a cigarette so he could have left then which is odd). My mom called the police for a welfare check because she was worried about me. He said he was going to leave. He did not. He answered the door to police with two bite marks on his arms, a torn shirt, and a mark on his leg and immediately pointed to me (I was unconscious on the kitchen floor) and said I did it. But not to press charges. The police got me up, I stated I did not remember doing that, although I said there had been an altercation. I remember very little of this. They’re are however clear choke mark finger bruises on my neck which multiple people have noted which somehow were ignored that night. A memory has resurfaced that indicates he was violent toward me that night, I remember him slamming me and holding me by the neck against the fridge but it’s like I’m watching it from the ceiling as I remember it, discociated. I believe he choked me unconscious, panicked when my mom said the police were coming, and injured himself (he has a history of this sort of behavior, he’s lied in court about physical abuse before at age 17 against his father, it was proven he beat himself with a belt). I was granted an HRO against him but he’s challenging it in court in a week. I’m quite nervous. From what I’ve learned since the break up, he’s truly a sociopath, compulsive liar, and capable of anything. The domestic case is going to trial in Aug. When he violated the HRO and was arrested for a weekend he falsely reported that I sexually assaulted him that night in dec. He will lie, he has money for expensive lawyers, he’s been secretly filming me when I’ve been unstable at various points for over a year, (or just as my sleeping meds are kicking in so I do t sound like I’m making sense) almost like he’s been planning this, or to use as blackmail, I don’t know but it’s very odd and I’m not sure what his intent is. I feel pretty scared and don’t know what to expect or if there’s any resources to assist me legally. My public defender is great but she’s over worked and this case is complicated. It becomes a he said she said. And I don’t get an attorney for the HRO academy next week because it’s a civil case. My PTSD will get really bad without that HRO. He has a history of violence and stalking previous girlfriends and I really need that in place. Where do I go from here, now realizing he hurt me that night and then hurt himself to essentially frame me, or something suspicious at the very least happened that night? What now?
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Re: More twists than a soap opera- advice wanted!

Postby annibe11e » Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:33 pm

Hi Finnallyfree25,

Just checking in. How did things go in court?
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