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Am i being gaslightted

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Am i being gaslightted

Postby Shaundinan » Sun May 13, 2018 1:14 am

In my relationship right now I am experiencing alot of "That never happened. You are delusional" I actually started to believe it until this happened. I had just bought some weed for my cousin. I told my partner its very important not to take any weed from the jar. I noticed though after I had lid sealed, the lid wasnt closed it was unlatched. I asked my partner if they touched the jar. They said no that never happened. I asked again ate they sure. The told me I was dillusional. Until I caught them redhanded I found on thier desk the same type of weed that I had set aside for my cousin. I asked what the hell is this? Why would they take it...why would they lie to me about it when its really not a big deal to replace just a hassle. Plus we had all kinds of different weed I told my partner was for smoking. We were in northern cali i mean we were getting free weed! Anyways,my partner told me they lied because they thought I was getting angry. The person wont admit or acknowledge to gaslighting me. From escaping cult 2 years ago dealing with ptsd of that. Now I developed a complex I dont trust anybody like nobody. I am so ill so paranoid I havent been able to keep a job or get out of my car where I live now. Im having bad suicidal thoughts, real bad. Nothing is real no sense of truth. I got so paranoid I thought my partner was sent by the hippie mafia cult who told me I can never leave are still tormenting me vy sending this partner into my life. They just wont understand or care how sick I become. If I try making a case Ive been gaslightted they shame me, threaten to leave or break up with me saying my accusations are disgusting. They just told me if because I cant have peace that means they cant have peace right? Please tell me, have I been gaslightted by my partner? How so or how not? Save a life because Im on the edge of suicide and I need truth.
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Re: Am i being gaslightted

Postby NewSunRising » Sun May 13, 2018 1:37 am

Welcome Shaundinan ,

I'm sorry you are experiencing this . It doesn't sound as if your partner is very supportive . I don't know if they are actively trying to gaslight you but they don't seem to be going out of their way to reassure you or dispel your fears . You caught them in a lie . That's kind of a red flag for me . It doesn't seem to be a very healthy or nurturing relationship from the way you describe it . Do you have options as far as living arrangements go ?

I have sent you a PM , Please check your messages in the upper left hand corner of the page .
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