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41 Yr Old Man Victim of Domestic Abuse and Assault by Female

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41 Yr Old Man Victim of Domestic Abuse and Assault by Female

Postby tndad577 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 3:44 am

Hello. I am 41 years old, male. I have two babies with my female domestic partner. She assaulted me and I called the police and she was arrested. She is not allowed back onto the property but because we are not married has legal rights to the babies and has taken them.

She has been emotionally and physically abusive with me since shortly after we moved in together less than two years ago. Since then she has caused me to not be able to perform my work-at-home career and forces me to do everything in the home (cook, clean, laundry, etc.). She also controlled what I did and wouldn't allow me to do simple things such as mow the lawn.

She has been gone for a week. My house is foreclosed and me and my two older kids (from another relationship) are about to get evicted. My parents rescued me financially and have purchased an apartment rental for me and my two older kids.

I reported abuse and child neglect on her because I am very concerned about the babies. My female domestic partner is staying at a very unsafe place and I reported what happened to Abuse Hotline. There are two case workers assigned but neither have contacted me. I have their contact info.

I have recorded many videos on my iPhone of her assaulting me physically, trapping me in my older kids bedrooms while the babies are in the living room screaming for help. I also have video of her beating my older son's bedroom door down to try to get me.

She has called the police many times to make false reports or stories against me. Law enforcement up until recently always believed her. They may still believe her but her recent physical assault against me was what ultimate got her arrested. Even still nobody considers or acknowledges me as a victim of domestic abuse.

And today I am left with no family, no friends, no money, no home, and I lost my babies. I had been caring for my babies since they were born. In the past she would often take them away for extended periods of times and then come back. When she was back I would constantly been seeking and working very hard for her to be happy with me. It was never enough and ultimately would lead to me feeling discouraged. Often I would try to talk with her about how I feel. She would always twist things around and make it seem like I was the bad person or bad for feeling the ways I felt.

I feel so alone. I have never been without a domestic partner before. And as I type this message I am still in my wreck of a home that she destroyed and forced to be reminded of all this. I have a moving truck at the bottom of my driveway, but I can't get my belongings moved into it alone. I have contacted local family and they are either not wanting or not able to help me.

I wish I didn't feel so alone and sad. It makes it so I can't even think or function or do simple things. All I want to do now is sleep and close my eyes. I just wish none of this happened to me. I love my babies very much and I miss them so much. I wish she hadn't done this to me. I love her very much and I completely gave myself and my life to her. I don't understand why somebody would do this to someone else that loves them so much and is completely loyal and faithful. I feel destroyed. I don't really know what else to say or do... I am sorry if I didn't write and publish this post the correct way. I just had to write and say something because I really wish I could talk to somebody who understands what I am going thru.
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Re: 41 Yr Old Man Victim of Domestic Abuse and Assault by Female

Postby Terry E. » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:10 am

It happens and we have many stories here of women who have destroyed their male partner. As you have children together that feeling will not end with a new life. What will help is if you can get your livelihood back together help your two other children who really need you. What they have seen is very difficult and they need your support. You also need to be there for your two youngest children but you need to be financially strong as you can because in these situations money solves problems.

I really hope you get the help needed in your move as soon as you can and can start that next chapter in your life.

As I said you will get no sympathy but we have many stories.
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