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Need Help throwing mentally ill grandma into nursing home

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Need Help throwing mentally ill grandma into nursing home

Postby TheMacNerd » Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:38 pm

My grandma is 75 years old. She's been like this for what I'm about to describe. She's a hoarder (not as bad as some people, but still getting worse). Last year, on the way home from work, she tried to run me over with her car in the middle of the grocery store parking lot in broad daylight after I got out of work one day. I've tried to convince my parents and the rest of my family that she belongs someplace where they can control her mood swings and mental irrational outbursts. When I finally got home from work, in the driveway, she screamed in my face when she took my paycheck and then I rushed inside but my grandma has been given too many privileges when she has a spare house key when I tried to lock her out for my safety. She got in the house with the spare key and hit me once or twice. My mom walked in within 5 minutes later and had a long talk with my grandma about her irrational mood swings. My grandma got fired a lot from jobs when she was working because of her mental health. People think that she's demented, alzheimer's and possibly late onset schizophrenic. One time when she was making me walk to work from one of the grocery stores, when people walked by, she tried to portray herself as the stereotypical nice old lady/grandparent when she's clearly got a serious mental problem. I want her to be thrown into either jail or an assisted living facility or a nursing home but my parents keep refusing to have a serious, honest talk about it. I'm 21 and still living with my parents (which is the new norm because of the current economic problems in America). and my parents do seemingly nothing when I keep complaining that my grandma has to be thrown into a more restricted environment. What should I do? Undeniably, yes she will have another one of those irrational mental episodes when she behaves unsafe this year and there's a leak in the ceiling of her 4 bedroom house that she lives alone in and my grandma's whole house is literally going to fall apart on her when she least expects it if nothing is done. My parents do seemingly nothing to intervene when I tell them specificly to intervene. What should I do?
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Re: Need Help throwing mentally ill grandma into nursing home

Postby Terry E. » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:32 am

If it was that easy I would have done it years ago.

Sorry but until she threatens someone else outside the family no one seems to care.

next just expect it

we get upset when reality does not meet expectations

expect it prepare for it and it helps
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