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For the littles

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Re: For the littles

Postby Eliseahorse » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:00 am

Hi Leon !!
It winter here to but we not got snow yet just lots of rain but it be snowin soon I fink cos when you going outside it the sort of cold what makin your head hurtib ifn youhere but I email them ok? no gotted a hat on.
I gots a sheep hat an do some growa dinosaur coat for when it's cold I don't know how to make pitchures come here but I email them ok?
I love snowballs !!!!!!!

We gotted to be no eatin soon too. Not cos of bein poorly though. It a rule at church what for to make you all clean inside ready for Christmas. We just allowed 1 bowl of soup an no sweeties.

We not gotted blueberries growin here but there a mountain near us what ifn you climb it you can drink the water where it comin out the ground and in the summer there is rasberries.
I like blueberries what are frozen I gets to eat them frozen when I wanting ice-cream but Noddy not allowed ice-cream it kinda like eating tiny icelollies yum!

Hi pink I 7 too :D I fink it's the bestest age cosn you gets to do some grown up stuff but you can still be silly and grown ups won't frown or nuffin cos you still little.

Hi Christine an clair we love the song what goes bibity bibity boo! You likin that song?

We watched paranorman the hat was scary an boxtrolls what was funny I liked the Mr what was upside down and shouted "jelly" all the time . Peter

Hi everyone I like tea parties. I do lots of cooking for the body in the outside world. I'm good at cooking. Does anyone else have a job that normally a big would do but they are really good at?

It is verry wet here but soon we will get a car and then we won't have to get wet which is good because we don't like using the bus in lockdown. The bigs say that shopping is an essential journey but it's only a half hour walk to the shops so some of the bigs prefer to walk if the weather is good and we try to take the bus home because the shopping is heavy and we don't want it defrosting. We have a fishing rod but it broke and won't wind we need to get a new rod cos the salmon farm exploded in the storm now all their fish are in the river and that's bad cos they were all poorly with headlice or something and the farm had just put special medicine in their water the day before the storm came and exploded the dam. So all the fishermen are trying to catch the poorly fish before they giving headlice to the wild fishes. I think fish farms are bad cos they always full of poo and the fish get poorly you can't clean a fish farm like you can a fish tank. Eli
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Re: For the littles

Postby Collective » Mon Nov 23, 2020 7:06 am

Hi Pink, Eli, Richard, Claire, Christine, Arielle, Leon, Peter and Evan. Sorry if I forgot anyone, I didn’t mean to. I’m Emma and I am 10. I’m with the littles within and I’m the oldest there. We have an 11 year old and a 12 year old but they are in the teens camp. I was in the Beyond for a long time but now I’m back.

Sometimes being with the littles is boring coz they like to play with the soft toys and have tea parties. That is soo boring. Piper and Rose have been showing me some games in the iPad, which is kinda fun. Piper likes horse games, and they are pretty fun. But I like the games where you race around and get stuff to give to people.

You guys get snow? You are soo lucky. I wish we got snow but we don’t. We do get heavy frosts which makes the ground all white and crunchy but it doesn’t stay there all day.

We are having hamburgers tonight and homemade pumpkin chips. I would rather have bought hamburgers and chips from the takeaway but we are supposed to be dieting again coz we are getting fat.
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Re: For the littles

Postby IainEtc » Tue Nov 24, 2020 11:38 pm

Hi Everybody,

It is a bad time of year for us so I am hiding in my castle but I still like everybody.

Got to go.

Iain - 14, Colin - 17, Evan - 7, Cody - 16, Raven, & Host - the adult out front

When they say 'be yourself',
which one do they mean?
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