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Not sure if I qualify...

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Re: Not sure if I qualify...

Postby ArbreMonde » Fri May 20, 2022 11:41 am

The amnesia criteria in DID is NOT synonymous of "blackouts between switches". It means that you nave enough memory issues caused by dissociation, that it becomes annoying in everyday life. Complete blackouts between swithes are kinda rare. The most recent diagnosis criteria for DID that I know of (DSM-5-TR) barely mentions them as the most extreme manifestation of dissociation, and completely not a necessity to get a DID diagnosis.

DID with less amnesia is either "partial DID" or "OSDD" depending if you ask the CIM or the DSM (they are different catalogues of mental health issues, sometimes they use different labels for the same thing).

Moreover, depending on who is assessing you, the amount of amnesia necessary to check the DID criteria rather than the OSDD can vary.

A lot of dissociative people think it's a bit stupid to make two different categories for dissociative disorders depending on the amount of amnesia, because the causes are the same, the treatment is the same, why not just have "with low/medium/high amount of amnesia" added to "DID" instead?
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