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We've found my 'twin'!

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We've found my 'twin'!

Postby YunaTheSummoner » Sat Sep 18, 2021 10:23 am

Yesterday was exhausting but I found out more about how the stroke affected me.

The protector who went inside has found my 'inner twin'. They were furious about us being seperated. After much deliberation the protectors/guardians have decided we will progress further as one and that she could bring other deeper memories to me if they get us together.

The issues seem to be some pathways have been damaged between the front of the brain to deeper inside. The specialist seemed to indicate the brain will re-route or repair itself but it will take time for some area's to achieve this.

Switching back and forth frequently seems risky with faulty pathways when we aren't sure whether they are ones that would play a major role in this or not and it may interrupt the short term memory progress I was making.

The Spirit Guide who had stayed on the outside with me suggested typing everything I remembered up to last night and putting together in one place everything we had been told about the stroke. Just in case I forgot that after 'the joining'.

It happened overnight while the body was asleep so I experienced it as a dream in the hope it wouldn't affect the daily memories I'd been trying to rebuild since the stroke.

This morning I awoke and I just knew my 'soul twin' had been blended with me! The feeling of foggy headedness and anxiety had been replaced by contentment! I instantly knew where I wanted to go and visited a place of spiritual importance to us.

It was my first time taking the dog out 'alone' - technically in the sense of no external carer taking me! We watched the sun come up, it felt peaceful. Our instincts are so tightly entwined we don't even have to communicate in words.

There are others inside I find I know this automatically, now she has joined me. Not all are ready to be able to take control of the body and it seems switching will not be physically easy anyway until the pathways in the brain heal or re-route themselves. (she tells me she had to take 'the REALLY LONG WAY ROUND to be re-united with me) and it took most of the night apparently and several failed attempts.

We cannot switch on/off though we had to choose to either stay seperate or be fused so we are both always in the body simultaneously as one. She brings with her memories of practical skills we need to progress to the next level of recovery, but we have to co-operate to agree times to rest, eat, shower etc.

This is definitely real already I've found it a little easier to get myself organised this morning and know what I needed to do in order for getting the washing in, sorting the dogs breakfast, doing ours, hanging the washing out (as it had finished by then) There is still some stuff to sort through but it doesn't feel so overwhelming to know where to start now! As we have to function as one, she has not chosen a seperate name, we both respond together to the name family gave us. Although she agrees to being referred to as 'Juno' for here.


p.s is it ok for me to join the daily chat posts? I wasn't sure if it was appropriate before. I'm still a little unsure but feels more natural now my twin is back!
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Re: We've found my 'twin'!

Postby ArbreMonde » Mon Sep 20, 2021 6:41 am

It's okay to join in the discussions :)

Also, we're glad that you made such progress and are starting to figure out how DID and the stroke are interacting within your brain.

Your Spirit Guide gave you a wise advice regarding taking notes. It is nice to have such protectors around.

Good luck on the next steps of your recovery!
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Re: We've found my 'twin'!

Postby gremandco » Mon Sep 20, 2021 10:09 am

glad youre figuring stuff out and getting a handle on things again. go ahead and talk in the chat threads too, thats cool.

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