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while we’ve been gone

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while we’ve been gone

Postby gremandco » Sat Aug 21, 2021 1:50 pm

we havent been super active in here in a while. thats mostly because we have been busy.

i started a tik tok account where we post our artwork to. we aren’t open about being a system on there its just something to post art to and to hopefully get commissions in the future because right now we are kind of worrying about money. i’ve been heavily focused on that account for a while trying to create art and post it there. its surprisingly difficult to get attention and keep it on our account but i’m determined.

we are mostly worrying about our bank account getting overdrafted due to the monthly fee it takes to keep the account active and we dont want to have to close it yet because we just got our bank card in the mail.

unfortunately i accidentally triggered out an alter that fronted briefly and upon figuring out that we had money, immediately decided to door dash some burgers to our house and that took a bunch of money out of our account. it wouldnt have been an issue except for the fact that due to having not a lot of money there in the first place it took so much. he is a part of the main system so i cant communicate with him and yell at him about it. but frankly i’m pissed about that.

the burgers were pretty good though.

a lot of the art i’ve been posting has been related to the media i am introjected from because its kind of popular on tik tok right now. it feels really really weird to draw these characters but i have some degree of separation between myself and this media so i’m okay with it personally but it does feel really bizarre. we have also had a few more alters introjected from this media showing up as well. i have no idea what caused them to split or if its related to what i know caused me to split but they’re here now. personally i feel really weird about it. i kind of miss when it was just me and sue. we’re friends but i’m not exactly friends with the other people that have been introjected so far so it just feels weird.

i’ve also been keeping up with duolingo. i got a 10-11 day streak on there so far. i dont know how learning a language works with DID but i guess we’re going to find out. i’m learning japanese. after we/i master japanese we plan on learning spanish. these are two languages that mean a lot to us for several reasons and duolingo is a pretty good app to learn languages from especially when combined with quizlet.

so thats what we’ve been doing so far while we were gone. its been pretty busy.

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