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UPDATE - our psych forums team

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UPDATE - our psych forums team

Postby KitMcDaydream » Tue May 04, 2021 7:54 am

OK ...so this is what everyone has come up with...

Myself, Susie and Phoenix are really getting the most out of this board.

Kit learned a lot too but doesn't enjoy or understand 'social chit chat' and decided to return to the inner world after she had completed 'her assignment' - to gain knowledge to help us understand 'what was wrong with us!'

She has returned to live with the vulcan introject of 'young spock' and will maintain our 'holosuite' as a technician/engineer with him. She's taken Bobby (child alter, 10 gn, the most severely autistic EP) who seems to have thrived better whilst living with them on the inside. If they can grow/age they will be trained to do a science/logic trained job with them. They will occasionally come to visit (probably when BOTW2 comes out knowing them!) :D

I can mention them because they have already been mentioned.
I can mention Thea and Maddie's past roles where appropriate because they've already been mentioned by Kit as long as I use the same names she gave them (and Sioux who I've since discovered is not the same person as 'M'!).

'M' is a mother introject based on the originals mother, She won't be coming on here but will be blending with adult Susan to become our new host (for dealing with RL stuff). They will just be referred to in future posts as the host or our host. When I say Susie I mean the child alter.

Not allowed to mention anyone else by name. Obviously you know we have a protector, but we also have a persecutor (which also starts with a P!) so the Protector will be referred to as 'the guardian' and 'P' is the Persecutor. (only where its relevant and I can't give any other details about them).

Anyone not named so far has chosen to not be identified as existing within the system so won't be named. I can say there are others :shock:

I'm no longer 'temporary host' - my new job is 'Support Forum Co-ordinator' (thought that one up myself! :D ) I have to support Susie to take part in 'Littles forum and chats with littles' and they've decided Phoenix can go on the Teens board as long as I check the last page first to make sure there is no 'inappropriate content' before she goes on to post. If someone has needed to post with a TW, she has to wait until it moves onto the next page or conversation moves on. (anything 'sexual' is highly triggering for some of us).

and exciting...I can order some stuff off the internet for us, its a 'pre-paid card' (for our stuff) they don't trust me completely yet with access to all our finances! ..but they'll put money on it for me to get stuff for me, Phoenix and Susie would like!! (little things a new colouring book for Susie or a new top to wear etc) woo hooo!! ..feeling like a 'grown up!!" :lol:

Support Forum Co-ordinator (for our system!) :D
Body - 50+ female
Psych Board team - Jody (19 f, h), Phoenix (12 gn ch), Susie (6 f, h)
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Re: UPDATE - our psych forums team

Postby ArbreMonde » Tue May 04, 2021 9:29 am

It's amazing news that you found a way to interact on the forum that makes everybody in you system comfortable! Cheers for the teamwork!

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Re: UPDATE - our psych forums team

Postby IainEtc » Tue May 04, 2021 10:36 am

Hi Jody,

Support Forum Coordinator - that's cool! I'm kind of that for us because I really like talking to people. I'm glad you got it figured out.

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