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Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

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Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

Postby Western » Mon Oct 26, 2020 6:25 pm

This isn't about amnesia so please don't be mistaken by the thread title.

It's about forgetting that I have dissociative disorder. I'm wondering if anyone else does this.

Who I am now has been extremely stressed for about the last 24 hours. The anxiety hit me out of the blue.

Anyway today I went out walking and I was talking out loud to myself/selves when all of a sudden one of the others completely took over. I like to call him "Reason" because he offers reason. Its like he steps out of me and talks to me.

Up until then I had forgotten that I'm split into parts. Well I say forgot...its more that I deny it or I just simply don't believe it to be true.

Is this common with dissociation?
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Re: Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

Postby Amythyst » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:30 pm

yeah its common.

its so common we've seen folks say it should be counted as one of the symptoms lol

its also possible to have different parts feel differently about it or not even know or whatever. like not everyone's on the same page, not everyone has all the information.

we have some who find it terrifying & don't wanna admit/accept it. they go into denial or disbelief alot. or panic about it when there's something they can't deny or w/e.

and we have at least one who locked herself away in her own private inner world because she couldn't accept it at all.

its almost 3 years since we got diagnosed & we still have moments where we go into denial & stuff.

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Re: Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

Postby KalliopePS » Tue Oct 27, 2020 6:22 pm

The denial is difficult. We are a newly dxd system and the stress of knowing is bad enough without some alt baracading and throwing denial in the mix.

For us, it concerns some of us because we need to communicate to get better and we are afraid things will go back to baseline and sabotage the work we have done. This probably isn't the case but feelings.

So, we understand.
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Re: Forgetting, disbelief, denial?

Postby Jessica6 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 12:31 am

Our 'main' denies it, and it is so ######6 frustrating. Half the time, the idiot has me half believing it. And it's not like he's not co-conscious a lot of the time- so I get to feeling like, "what part of 'you are not acting like YOU' (because it's me) don't you understand"? But no, he's a stubborn ###$.
And it get SO old. Life would be so much easier if he'd just roll with it.

I shouldn't be too angry- he recently was in a situation where he called upon me every day to help with tasks he thought he was helpless trying to do. But at the same time he's grateful, he's also like 'this is bullcrap we aren't OSDD/DID'. And I'm like you are just kidding me yeah? How many times have you wished me away, cause people are staring at us because I'm not you and I don't act like you even when I try to, and yet, here I am? I dare him to just 'cut it out' if it's all bullcrap, and he can't. So... what's there to be in denial of? Still, he's stubborn as a mule.
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