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Confused alter

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Confused alter

Postby Panther1830 » Sat Sep 19, 2020 11:09 pm

I know owen has been questioning here a lot. But, I have been going through a lot. I need to ask some littles why we know we can't eat candy all the time. But food as well. I need to calm down and know how to be good and quit smoking. I cheated today cause my core said I was being good. So I went off the wire and told her off. Now I feel bad. Why do I keep doing this. It's been five months living alone with my core and friends as well outside. But, I need guidance and to be told off to behave. My core is tired of always being on guard. Cause of me. But I'm just wanting to misbehave cause I'm socalled free. But I need to listen to live as well. I'm stuck at what to do but know as well. I just need to say I know what to do I'm just acting out as usual to get attention so I can be noticed. But I already am. So I'm dumb. But this is usual cause I don't want to listen at all. But, otherwise I'd get my core killed and I don't want that. But I scare her all the time for it cause it's her trauma. But this is wrong. I need some help to listen to good not what I want to do. How can I be responsible for living alone when I'm young and no other alters?
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