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Question about alters behavior " sex explicitly"

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Question about alters behavior " sex explicitly"

Postby Panther1830 » Fri May 15, 2020 4:37 am

I was re-traumatized a couple years ago. Now my alter has "switched" saying he's a new soul and wants to do better for me. Providing things I really don't want to splurge on. Also as well getting on me about my meds cause I was not able to get them for a year. And our promise was for him to always listen to our meds while no amnesia dissociation as well. He broke that promise. To find a lost loved one who has come back in the picture. But involved himself with the loved one and himself to keep the knowledge secret as to how he plans to unveil his true self to me. As it was an attempted rape that was forgiven long ago. But completely forgiven and understanding as well for his timing and what we both were going through. I just want to know if I should keep going through his emotional rollercoaster as well which I'm having trouble with. Cause I completely accept him. Just he can't forgive himself or stop withholding his feelings. Thanks
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