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Alter communication with me + alters lacking likes/dislikes?

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Alter communication with me + alters lacking likes/dislikes?

Postby LucyTate » Thu May 14, 2020 1:27 am

Hi all, Evan here.

So I've noticed lately, for the past couple weeks, trying to communicate with everyone has been difficult. Sometimes when I talk to them I start getting intrusive thoughts, and I'm like "wait did you really say that" and they're like "no" and I end up confused. Or sometimes, like I'm talking to them breaking in and out of connection. Sometimes it's so difficult we have to stop. Some alters, communication is fine. I'm able to talk to them and it works easily. I mean some of the ones I'm not able to really speak to are those I've been able to before. Are communication connections able to change/fluctuate a lot between parts? Why could this be happening?

I also started writing an introduction sheet for everyone I know of, for our therapist. There's been... so many? More than I thought, I'm beginning to think I'm making them up but there they are lol

I noticed a lot of them had trouble coming up with their hobbies/likes/dislikes. Is this a normal thing? Do they all have to be distinctly really really different to be considered alters? Some of them had similar things to say. I mean, we don't do that much in the first place I suppose, and I think I'm probably overthinking this, but it's just been on my mind since I started the project.

Thanks guys <3
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