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Re: Janina Fisher

Postby Johnny-Jack » Tue Mar 24, 2020 5:59 pm

fireheart wrote:But somehow it irks me a lot, even when she just says to thank the part for their work in the past and that it's no longer needed.

Sorry but this sounds ignorant to me about how alters exist in a system. It's a presumptuous and foolish way to put it. How in the world can a T or even hosts know what parts of the skills or behaviors of that individual alters which are "no longer needed"? A T can't and "their work is not needed" sounds incredibly dismissive and may be just wrong. It is suggesting that the alter is no longer needed, if those words or something like them are used.

An example from our system is a detaching alter who could become angry and aggressive when taken advantage of by people close to us. Yes, the extremes of the behavior were often not needed or helpful but the ability to recognize being walked over by others and the skill of setting appropriate boundaries was absolutely necessary. No one else had those abilities. Luckily, this alter didn't listen to anyone so the "you're not needed" couldn't have gotten through anyway.

There are so many more ways of saying something along these lines. Suggesting an alter may want to think about whether they want to keep the exact same behaviors in place which were formed during awful events to cope with awful people -- this is far more palatable for an alter to hear.

Instead of a T presumptively stating that a behavior is no longer needed, that T could ask whether the behavior is still needed in the exact same way now. A subtle difference but it allows an alter to come to their own conclusion, to make their own decision.

I suppose there may be alters who are actually looking for specific advice and would welcome such a communication. There may be some systems who want directiveness from their T. But other alters and some systems will only be alienated by blanket statements.

It just sounds like a pre-recorded thing - not genuine.

I've had to remind my T many times not to tell us what to do, to be careful about passing along general rules of thumb she's developed from working with other DID clients. It always feels like she's dealing with somebody else when she does that, not who we are as a system in her presence. To some extent she has to go on experience but we must notice and communicate what alienates us for therapy to work.

I also thank the others all the time, but before they see and feel that their past defenses are no longer necessary, just saying it won't change anything.

Yeah, knowing and understanding a lot of things about alters, DID, our past, is better than not knowing but that knowledge alone doesn't necessarily change a thing.

I seem to have an "allergy" against this method, but I don't understand why. :?

You may not know fully why yet but knowing the allergy is there is enough to act on.
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Re: Janina Fisher

Postby Allcoulors » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:11 pm

Ik have one of her books and tried to read it a couple of times but i dont seem to do well on it. Maybe someone with ptsd or another dissociatieve disorder can get something out of it but for me its just not right. The talk of parts doesn't fit like in did and makers me angry.
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