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DID Psychologist saying look down at my body

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DID Psychologist saying look down at my body

Postby Rive » Sun Jan 05, 2020 4:00 pm

My DID Psychologist always tells me to look down at my body to realize I'm in a adult body. I never feel like I'm not. Sometimes I will randomly turn towards someone and think Mommy but I am always aware of it. Realize What I did and stop. Also things like I was looking at my freckles on my arm and thinking I had alot of them. Then the thought popped up you have a lot of freckles little baby. I don't feel like a child when this stuff happens so I dont know what she is talking about when she says look down at my body.
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Re: DID Psychologist saying look down at my body

Postby Johnny-Jack » Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:50 pm

A simple solution would be to ask your T what prompted her to say that. If you find yourself forgetting to ask, start your next session with a request for her to include with such statements in the future what she just observed to prompt her to say that. It's a very reasonable request.

My T has asked us to look around the room many times, see where we are, when we are. (I think she knows referring to body would be triggering.) Often I'm sitting there thinking why is she saying that, I'm an adult and I'm in the present. My T is sometimes picking up on the presence of someone younger. Sometimes she may be off base.

Your T is probably picking up on what you or someone else is putting out there, verbally or non-verbally. Your face, body language, voice, or something else may seem less mature than you feel yourself to be. In DID, the host is just one alter and may be completely unaware what other alters are doing or projecting.

You may well not be fronting some of this time, it may be a little fronting or both of you sharing the body at once, even if you yourself are 100% present and aware. Our longest example of this was a few years ago when we went to a gun show (very triggering for us) and after a couple hours realized it had been Jonathan walking around, interacting with people, not a host. There were no clues it wasn't a host fronting. His behavior was entirely usual for us, until later -- I think he held the silverware differently or some other small thing. That made us aware that it had been him. I'm sure others here have had similar experiences.

Someone here recently guessed you were a teen, based on your posts. As someone reading your posts, I have a sense that you're younger, sometimes less mature, than the body age you've suggested or said at times. I hope that doesn't sound insulting or patronizing, I don't at all mean that as a criticism since it's similar for us. And I'm just reading your posts.

For decades, some people have been shocked when we tell our age. I don't think it's just a matter of looking younger. I think I don't always project something that people expect from someone at our various ages in life, throughout our adulthood really. When I learned in the past couple years that we had a small team of teens who spend a lot, maybe the majority of time in the body, some of that began to make sense.

I don't know what the situation is for you. Your T may say that automatically to anyone she's had who has DID. It's not illogical since people with DID usually have young alters. Many traumatized younger alters, without some work and communication, are still somewhat held by the past.
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