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Things people can take away

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Re: Things people can take away

Postby ArbreMonde » Sat Dec 21, 2019 8:17 pm

~ People took a lot of things from us.

~ Childhood. Trust. Innocence. Lots of material things too, but it's part of "abusing our trust".

~ Took away the desire to create, too, for a long time.

~ Took away our hopes for justice.

~ We cope by re-writing our stories. Zami has the autobiographic memory of the body, the other ones of us have re-written memories. Zami copes by making art. Using the bad memories as a source of inspiration for strong, terrible pieces of art. Painting is exhausting, but they need to do it.

~ So many things were taken away, and keep being taken away.

~ Peace of mind and pride to organize the reading group at the association, taken from us by S. Sleep, taken by noisy neighbors. Trust and intimacy, taken by abusive "friends". Energy, taken by the poorly designed housing we rent, and the wait for being re-housed. Calm, taken away. Only anxiety left behind by people who deplete our energy but how can we NOT help? We not help we bad people. We help we abused. We try doing things we tired. Exhausted. But we smart so no help for us. "You smart you no need help". Bite my roots! We need help. They say no. You not know what help you no need help.

~ They take dignity. Innocence. Peace. Happy. Only hurt left. Bubbly joy on the surface, deep deep sadness inside. No dare show sadness. T angry when say "more sad today". We get bad marks in therapy, pretend bubbly happy to get T happy. Not good. But T no help. Only gives meds. T takes trust away. No trust T.

~ Too heat stupid housing. Takes energy. Makes me stupid. Wants eat plant food make flowers. Is winter. Is winter need sleep need cold. Stupid hot housing takes winter away. Takes plant-cycle away.

~ Stupid world. Takes all. Leaves us bare naked alone. Need stay together strong or we finished. Only have we to help we.

~ Stupid heat. Stupid tired.

~ Is Theia. Wounded. Broken. World outside takes everything. But we together. We strong World-Tree.

~ Stupid heat. 30°C. Is summer in housing. Stupid housing. Stupid heat.
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