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short memory laps

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short memory laps

Postby Oleander000 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:16 am

Just when I feel that things are going okay and maybe I don't have this disorder, I am hit with a undeniable awakening. I simply was doing my work on the computer and come to find j blacked out and even looked something up without knowing.. what's more frustrating is that these are really short black outs.. maybe only 5 mins. I've started to catch them but it's also like being possessed sometimes.. taking over to say and do what i feel I could never rightfully do.... dam it..
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Re: short memory laps

Postby Floralie » Thu Nov 21, 2019 7:22 pm

No no, if things are feeling like you don't have DID when you do, it's not all going well, it's you falling into denial and that is not a good thing. It's not healing, therefor no good either, but certainly a typical symptom. Just see it for what it is, a symptom, you started having one symptom being strong, you were not doing fine. Big difference there.

That's how I lose time too, it's few minutes here and there. There's hardly ever any signs for me to tell it has happened. They do clean all up usually and put my body exactly like it was before them using it. On the other hand, from my point of view it's pretty much so-what thing. They're allowed, body is not owned by me although non of the others I know identify with it, so we call it mine to make that point clear. But that's still their only way to existence in this world, and they have all rights to exists, I mean, what else can they do than exist.

Has there been things done that has made things for you harder, or are they just having own life online too?
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