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For those of you that may wonder Trigger Warning

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For those of you that may wonder Trigger Warning

Postby Rive » Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:09 pm

For those who may wonder why I doubt my diagnosis. *****Trigger Warning (talk of diagnosis doubt)****
I have a therapist and Psychologist that have diagnosed me with DID. Every freaking time I go see my pdoc and talk to him about what I hear. Which are not even voices but thoughts. They are coming from inside my head not outside He says well then you may have schizophrenia or psychosis. Even though he has talked to my Psychologist. He said he has never seen any evidence of DID. He talks to me for 15 minutes every two months. He is a pompous a** that never listens to what I say but every time I talk to him he starts talking about how I may have schizophrenia or psychosis and it ignites the wheels of doubt. The problem is I have to see him because he is the doctor that the group home I live in uses. So this accompanied by my OCD is why I always end up doubting.
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