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****Bad Trigger warning***** (Really Bad one caused chaos)

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****Bad Trigger warning***** (Really Bad one caused chaos)

Postby Ponyta » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:32 am

There is a really bad one in our system. I'll refer to him as B. He first terrorized our host in our inner world. He was in the dungeon for that- but he escaped due to another troublemaker letting him out. Now today was really bad. It happened in the inner world- but it was really bad. Below is a summary of what happened. It was really bad however- that's why I put the large warning.

Bad Trigger Warning
Due to what he did: He (B) tried to "eliminate" our host's inner world husband.

This is what happened. Her husband got in his inner world vehicle. Started it up- realized something was wrong (thankfully)- and jumped out of it just in time (before it exploded). He still got hit by a good bit of the blast. He's injured badly. Our host is very upset. She saw it happen. Weirdo was out at the time.

Her husband is in our medical room- she is with him. B is also in a medical room- mainly because our host lashed out at him in anger- and actually succeeded in hurting him- before the protectors could separate them.

This is a major mess. Now everyone is afraid to go anywhere (in the inner world). Everyone's property has to be checked before they can use it. Mainly because B threatened everyone- when he first showed up (Her husband wasn't the only one).

There are A LOT of us.
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Re: ****Bad Trigger warning***** (Really Bad one caused chaos)

Postby Sarandipity » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:05 pm

Hi, I have what I am now calling "anti social alters" They do things externally to mess us up but always seem like internally they get on.

I found out they do not get on. The antisocial ones are Paul and the twins. Spending time with Paul I got him to write on the ASPD forum here. It didn't do alot for him but because those ASPD people mentioned was of Paul taking over the system he actually thought about it, I couldn't hear him until he worked out how but now I can't remember what his conclusion was but I could feel him mulling it over. But what I learnt was they are not pally pally with eachother like I thought.

In my system parts don't die. They sleep for extended periods, sometimes years, and the can regress some of them but not die. So the killing kind of stopped and also if someone is buried or imprisoned for long periods when they come back it's realised "ummmm maybe we shouldn't of done that" because they are inevitably really annoyed.

The antisocial parts in my system will manipulate and play with other parts sometimes but it usually takes an external form.

I'm starting to think they mess with eachother internally because Paul is definitely trying to work out how to gain control of the twins now and they are basically only internal parts very very rarely in the body.

There's not alot you can do really other than what you're doing. Other than maybe try to work with antisocial parts but like I said I tried that a little bit and all that's happened is now Paul is encouraged - to be fair I probably shouldn't of ventured over to the ASPD forum, I thought it might help with how he is but I think it made him worse.

Much Luck
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