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[life journey thread]Tales from the WorldTree

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Re: [life journey thread]Tales from the WorldTree

Postby MakersDozn » Wed Jul 22, 2020 1:33 pm

♥Lust♥ @ArbreMonde wrote:[P]sycho-analysis is great for that: saying whatever the fudge you want, and being heard.

Which also means that our T will not help us solve things. But she can listen to us and ask us questions to help dig deeper.

This is really profound. Thanks for posting it.

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Re: [life journey thread]Tales from the WorldTree

Postby ArbreMonde » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:51 am

Context: worker dude messed up his work while repainting a book-case. Whole system is at various stages of anger.

Zami@ArbreMonde in another thread wrote:I'm proud of myself because I told the guy that I wasnt happy with this that and that (basically : painted stuff before filling in the holes so we have to buy more paint, dirtied the walls the floor and the bedsheets he asked us to provide to "protect the armchairs from dust").

Guy started insulting me because I pointed his mistakes, refused to give back the doors he had taken home, stole other stuff from me (tools, paints...), yelled at me like we were having some sort of romantic breakup, I had to threaten to call the cops so he would give me his postal adress to pick up the doors, he refuses to pay for the damage or to use his insurance on it, refuses to give the doors back unless I pay him and let him resume his work. He also refuses that I come to pick them up. And refuses to call a councellor to help us solve the issue (I mailed a councellor anyway).

I'm standing my ground. I'll let the councellor solve the issue.

But I'm fudging. Standing. My. Ground.

I don't do that often. I'm proud of myself for doing it!

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Journey thread
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