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[life journey thread]Tales from the WorldTree

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Re: [life journey thread]Tales from the WorldTree

Postby ArbreMonde » Tue Jul 09, 2024 6:47 pm

I was able to ask my parts to "follow a filing style" because I'm fully integrated now. If I had tried that before integration it would have failed. In fact I did not even try to do anything else than "sorting things out" before trauma work and integration, because it's like trying to put tiles on the roof before you even set up the wooden structure of the roof. It's nice to know what tiles you want where, but at the end of the day, you still need to do the carpentry first if you want a full roof.

But it's okay, most people focus on the roof tiles first because that's what we see first. It's okay to try things untill we find what works for us at a given point in time / on our recovery journey. Things that did not work last year might work this year!

And once you have a proper plan, to keep up with the roof metaphor, you can work your roof front to back and do the whole "carpentry to tiles" front, then middle, then back (or front, then back, then middle), as long as on one area the "carpentry to tiles" order is respected you don't have to do the whole roof carpentry, then the whole roof tiles, etc. In fact that's why the "3 steps therapy protocole" (stabilization, trauma work/integration work, learning to live a normal life) is not exactly three separate steps and once you've done stabilization it's done for good and set aside. It's more like "stabilize everything you can until you are ready for trauma work; do some trauma work; stabilize what came out; integrate some ressources; stabilize; learn how to use said ressource in a normal life; stabilize; try some more trauma work; stabilize again" etc. It means that you need to be stable before you do trauma/integration work, and that you cannot learn a "normal life" is you don't have any integration you need to learn to live with. BTW "learning a normal life" does not mean "pretending not to have had DID" it means "learning the full scope of the things you can do now that you have integrated a ressource or healed a trauma". The name of the step is not very explanatory. xD

Hope I did not get lost in my metaphors and everything. It's been a long day and the first nap-free day since the surgery. Btw I'm doing better than expected, less pain than expected, though the awkward swellings are more awkward to manage than I first imagined. They should be mostly gone by the end of the month.
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