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Effect of DID or some sort of gaslighting (workplace)?

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Re: Effect of DID or some sort of gaslighting (workplace)?

Postby Muninn » Thu Sep 05, 2019 6:55 pm

Thank you very much for your answer, Johnny-Jack.
It is very helpful to have someone else pointing out the good things in a tricky situation and I appreciate a calm voice which reminds me of looking at this picture with more distance to it.

If we get stressed out and are anxious it is very difficult to see anything positive at all. I did also got some hints form a headmates that we had people in our life in the past who actually skewed the truth all the time to manipulate us. Therefore if someone in the present is saying that I am wrong, while feeling that I'm right, it apparently is veeery triggering.

But I start to think that in the current case it is no bad intention.
It might be laziness of the supervisor or other coworkers. And sometimes it is probably more convenient for others to just pretend, that me, this introvert and scatterbrained guy, is wrong or did forget something, because sometimes (actually quite often) I do forget things.

I will certainly continue to note down all decisions and instructions at work with more accuracy. That will help us in any case with our bad memory.

But I feel better and more positive now and hope I find a way to navigation similar situations with more confidence

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