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Am I crazy?

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Am I crazy?

Postby tanay » Tue May 14, 2019 4:55 pm

about a month ago i felt and heard a very loud pop in the back of my head. immeditely after i felt a warm or cool fluid sensation spreading out from where i'd felt the pop. honestly my first thought was my brain was bleeding. then immediately my brain felt it was vibrating or like it was on a small boat inthe middle of a storm with crashing waves. and i saw like a clear wave roll across my vision and everything looked different like the colors got more vivid and fuzzy all at the same time. i think when i felt the rocking in my brain that my head was actually swaying back and forth. it scared me so bad i made a friend take to the er right away. by the time we got there i felt like i was going to have a seizure. but not exactly because its happened many times before. my mouth goes tingly and numb and draws closed and my hands and arms too. they draw up like claws. it hurts. only ive always known it wasnt really seizures but had no clue what it really was so when everyone called it seizures i just let them keep believing it. anyway when i got to the er only my right hand was doing it and so bad you could what looked like arrows or ripples on the back of my hand. it was hurting so bad i forced my hand open palm down on the waiting floor and had my friend stand on it. everyone was looking at us like we were aliens. before we left the er that first time there were four more pops in back of my head but they wouldnt do a test on my brain.wouldnt even tell me what my ekg showed. i think they were scared of me. theres sooo much more id like to share but id like to know if anything like this has happened before? or am i really just crazy?
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Re: Am I crazy?

Postby Snaga » Sat May 18, 2019 5:42 am

Hello tanay, and welcome!

Rather than approve your post where it was (in another thread) it felt as if it deserved its own subject. So I've done that and given it a title.

Also, for those members in DID forum, there's a rather more detailed post from tanay, in the blogs, that might also help to take a look at, adds to the information here.


I would suggest coming back here of course, for replies- for those not familiar with our blogs, it's not as adept at dealing with ongoing discussion such as the forums are. Everything there has to be approved, for one. Unlike here. Thanks!

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Re: Am I crazy?

Postby birdsong87 » Sat May 18, 2019 8:52 am

Hi there,
I don't think that you are crazy. crazy doesn't exist. there is always a reason for symptoms, like chemical imbalances and stuff like that.
what you describe about your hands sounds like Trousseau sign of latent tetany to me. that can be caused by uncontrolled muscle contractions or simple hyperventilation. looks scary, but it might just be too much CO2 in your blood stream from panic. Did they check your calcium levels? if they are low tetany is my educated guess.
I am not a doctor. If we had symptoms like that we would see a neurologist. changes in vision do point to a neurological problems and the sense of seizures, voices and hallucinations, it would just make sense to get it checked out by someone who is more specialized than ER people. they are most often not neurologists.
if any connection to past trauma comes up in this context or the neurologist declares that the brain is fine and it has to be psychosomatic, thats when we would take further steps into that direction.
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