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Co-conscious in the Inner World?

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Co-conscious in the Inner World?

Postby Ponyta » Thu May 16, 2019 4:44 am

Is it even possible to be co-conscious with someone in the inner world? I know we can be co-conscious in the body (outer world)....but I literally mean in the inner world.

Like say.... I literally jumped into Weirdo's mind and could see everything he was doing through his own eyes. He also could sense I was there.... like I can sense they are there (when co-conscious with me).

Well anyway.....Weirdo's NOT the one who creeped me out. No. That issue happened twice to me. Both times it lasted for about a minute....and then I went back to where I was. I have no clue what triggers it....but I sure hope it doesn't happen again.

Let's just say....I saw what one guy was doing. That was horrifying for me to see. He also could sense me. He was mad at me for spying on him. Which was totally and absolutely accidental on my part....I have NO clue how that happened. Luckily he felt how I felt then....and realized I didn't do it on purpose. Still I couldn't even talk to him for quite some time after that. Due to feeling extremely uncomfortable about what I saw.

Anyway.....I'm now horrified to try to talk to a lot of the guys (in the inner world)....because of that happening twice. All I know is that both times....before it happened.....I just thought about talking to them. Then all of a sudden .....I was "inside their mind". Strange.....because I thought about talking to a bunch of the others before....and that never happened with them.

I originally thought it had to do with closeness.... since I'm extremely close to Weirdo. BUT the second time ruled that theory out.....being I'm not as close to the other guy as Weirdo.

Maybe I should try to do this on someone willing? Only to figure out what happened. Then I'll know what NOT to do. That way it doesn't happen again. I don't know. I just know I want to prevent that from happening again. But then maybe again....I can't? It seemed so random. Almost like some kind of weird "hiccup" in the inner world. Hmmm. :?

Any ideas? Thank you!

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Re: Co-conscious in the Inner World?

Postby VioletFlux » Thu May 16, 2019 10:14 am

Hey Ponyta,

We've only had something like that once that I can remember. Me and V2 were sort of in each others heads for a bit, but it only happened once and we don't really know how it happened or how to do it again.

It was pretty cool though, and we were together anyways so it wasn't like shocking or upsetting to either of us. TBH it'd be cool to do it again if we knew how lol.

I hope you figure it out, and hope you get things sorted out with the guys so they aren't angry or whatever.

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Re: Co-conscious in the Inner World?

Postby Zor » Thu May 16, 2019 4:51 pm

Ponyta wrote:Is it even possible to be co-conscious with someone in the inner world? I know we can be co-conscious in the body (outer world)....but I literally mean in the inner world.
Any ideas? Thank you!

So this is going to be from Pixie and I (me first)...
YES. I had an experience where I saw, in HER view, a very... "sexy" dream with her and Angel. A sort of "game" they play where he chases her, they kiss and stuff and her takes a piece of clothing off, and then it begins again...
It was weird and disturbing to have that kind of dream (I'm a guy, so having a GUY undress me and feeling what SHE felt was very very awkward- and seeing a girl half-naked in the mirror at one point... very weird)... and I wrote in the journal about it. Pixie wrote later that she had had that dream that same morning- and even felt "watched" or "not alone" during it.
Long story short, it was HER dream... INSIDE... and I was co-consciously aware of it and experiencing it JUST AS SHE DID.


Ok, so like my turn... for real so legit. Cuz like not just that, but like Kitten and I inside totally are co-con. What one of us knows, feels, or does... the other just sorta "knows it". For years, before we TRULY understood what we were and how we all existed, we just called it "being twins, even if from diff parents"... cuz it's a lot like a twin telepathy dealie, but more personal and intimate... So yeah, you can totally be co-con with others inside, outside, and both (across in-out). Absolutely!

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Re: Co-conscious in the Inner World?

Postby Sarandipity » Thu May 16, 2019 5:08 pm

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Re: Co-conscious in the Inner World?

Postby ZodiacDragon » Fri May 17, 2019 9:27 am

I don't know if any of us have experienced that exactly. But whoever is outside the world is usually "aware" of what everyone is doing and where everyone is in the inner world. That is unless we specifically don't want them to know we can kind of "hide" ourselves if we want. But that's just from my knowledge as well as Akane and Anime everyone else is kind of exhausted right now.

Anime says "it might be a way to better understand/communicate with your system? It might be a good idea to try with someone willing like you mentioned at least to see if it's possible at your current state."

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