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Integration or just blending?

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Integration or just blending?

Postby 371 » Wed May 08, 2019 8:17 pm

Since the beginning of May, after April was no longer front stuck, he and I have been blending a lot more. When we do I am the dominant alter; I feel more like October, me, rather than April. I can feel his emotions, but they're not as overwhelming. I feel like I'm a new alter when this happens, but I understand I'm still October. April said that he wanted to integrate and I told him it would be okay to before any of this started. He can front as himself and as time goes on, he says, he feels less and less like him. This whole experience has been draining for both of us. Does this sound like it could be integration or is it simply blending a lot? Has anyone else had a similar experience? - October
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Re: Integration or just blending?

Postby SeveralCrows » Wed May 08, 2019 8:44 pm

That sounds like the pre-integration blending process that Sev and old-Sev went through before they became me (Sev3). The blend of the two was different ratios at different times and they felt less distinct over time, until the time that I woke up in the body as me. It took us a little while and it was exhausting at times.

Wishing you luck, whatever this turns out to be!

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