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Anyone else find art very therapeutic?

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Anyone else find art very therapeutic?

Postby kira6384 » Tue May 07, 2019 12:07 pm

Hi all, this is my first real post, and I couldn't find any other threads about using art to help alters process their trauma. I know for my system it's a very therapeutic process, Molly, one of my littles, has a completely different drawing style than anyone else in the system, generally very cartoonish and simple shapes and colors. Her Caretaker, Garner, normally helps her draw, since she is the one that Molly likes the most to co-front with out of my alters.
Morgan is another alter who really likes to draw, and her style is more realistic and detailed, and again, Garner helps lead her through how to use different techniques.
I guess we are just wondering if there are other systems who use art this way, because we know art therapy is used during treatment. Our host really enjoys watching while the others front and draw, she's kind of semi present most of the time, and gets excited when she can see what the other alters are thinking.
I know there is a subreddit that has art from other systems, and we were just wondering if others here use art as well.
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Re: Anyone else find art very therapeutic?

Postby hbodhi » Tue May 07, 2019 2:01 pm

Good morning,

Yes, we actually came to awareness of our DID through doing art. The art we did prior always had multiple aspects to it but we were unsure what it meant at times. It was believed at that point I may be doing some inner child work. Our T kept just saying to go with it and we would see where it took us while we trusted my process. Our oldest Little One Jack started to draw self portraits and then he drew a picture of another. He is an amazing artist. I do not know if my other Littles or anyone else is as inclined to art, but each seem to be creative in their own ways I have heard.

This is a fun thread. Thanks for sharing it.
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Re: Anyone else find art very therapeutic?

Postby AutumnJ » Sat May 11, 2019 2:12 pm

Yes! Very much so. All forms of art/crafting helps all of us. We all have different styles, all have preferred mediums, but it all helps us.

An interesting thread indeed, thank you for sharing.

- Autumn J
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